I Am Me

I am white.
I am gay.
I am a yogi.
I am smart...sometimes.
I am a hopeless romantic.
I am perpetually single.
I am an advocate.
I am a former food service worker.
I am a singer.
I am an actor.
I am not a dancer.
I am a person with a messiah complex.
I am in love with the world, even when it does not love me.
I am a leaf floating on the changing winds of life.
I am a politician.
I am a friend.
I am a brother.
I am a son.
I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.
I am, at times, incorrigible.
I am a walking encyclopedia.
I am a living iPod....on shuffle.
I am creative.
I am meticulously sloppy.
I am an old soul.
I am younger than I look.
I am a writer.
I am young...but only for a little while.
I am an improvisational performance.
I am a believer...sometimes
I am funny.
I am a person.
I am Nathan.
Who are you?