Saturday, November 6, 2010

Long Time, No Type!

Hello to all my cyber friends and readers. I'm so sorry that I've left you out in the proverbial cold lately but my life has been taking a roller coaster! I'm going to try and post more stuff (though I realize I say that often. Now, off to the topic of this blog, "It Gets Better".

The past few months, the US has been surged with an outrageous amount of publicized LGBT teen suicides. Crazy, right? Wrong! Gay teens are up to two times more likely to commit suicide than their straight peers. Even more have tried. They say, 1 out of 10 LGBT teens have attempted. I can attest to that because I am the 1 in 10. I attempted and now I realize how awesome it was that I didn't succeed! There are a lot of influences in the world that try to tell us homos that we're not ok and that simply isn't the case. We are wonderful, amazing, beautiful and creative just like our straight counterparts. I know that to those teens that are just coming out, this burden of sexuality seems unbearable; it seems like being gay is the most massively important part of your life but trust me, the farther you walk away from that closet, the more you realize you're just like everyone else. Just like everyone else except, you have a new and exciting view on the world that not everyone gets. You see things no one else will. You understand people who are different even though they're not LGBT. You have the unique opportunity to change the opinions of those around you. So many people in my life had this big, scary idea of what "gay" meant. When I came out, they realized I didn't change at all. I'm still exactly the same person, only more open. I have all the same quarks, flaws, attributes, and characteristics as the "straight" me did. I know that when you first come out, it is terrifying. I mean, truly, shit-your-pants paralyzing. But, I swear to you, IT WILL GET BETTER! It will. If you allow your life to become better, it will! There are people like myself and others I work with trying to make this world a better place to all of our degenerate family members. There is nothing wrong with you. You have so much potential to be an amazing addition to society, no matter what the assholes around us might say. I swear, I SWEAR, it will get better. Please hold on. Please don't make that irreversible mistake. High school is terrible for everyone. All the people who pick on you and say nasty things are just as scared! They're hoping that by pointing out something about you, others won't notice their shortcomings. After high school, you will find your place. You will find the people that understand you and you can create a life for yourself. All those stereotypes like: gay people have HIV, gays can't have successful relationships, gays are all strung out on coke and meth; they're all false! And if you think that because you see gorgeous gay men who are tan, buff, tall and unrealistic on TV that there's no place for you, you're wrong. The reason the LGBT community uses the rainbow on our flag is to show that we have every color of the rainbow. We have drag queens, trannies, lesbians, gays, bis, parents, socialites, teachers, lawyers, ministers, politicians, and any other category you can think of and they are all beautiful. If I could convince you of anything, it would be to just hold on til college. At the very least, wait until graduation. I promise that if you can hold on until then, things will get better. And we are trying to make it better for you now! High school should not be a place of terror, for anyone. Regardless of your sexual orientation, race, political affiliations, you have a right to exist and to be happy; even in high school. If you need to talk to someone, I honestly will tell you, email me! I will answer you! I will talk to you and let you know you're not alone. I am here for you. There are so many wonderful people in the community that can't wait to meet you. You will meet the most amazing people and you haven't even begun to live your life! If your parents don't accept you, they'll come around. Mine have already made so much progress and it's only been a year and a half. And if they reject you and never speak to you again, it doesn't matter. The world around you is full of people who will accept you into their families. Biology does not equal family, love does. You will find your place. Please, hold on. "It Gets Better"

Here are some links to help you get started.

If you need help, please call the Trevor Project a 1-800-4-U-TREVOR. I love you all.

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  1. Excuse me, Ms Kathy corrected me. Gay teens are FOUR times more likely to commit suicide.