Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm sitting in my room with throbbing feet, dirty hair and a content soul. Today was the AIDS Walk Houston. This fundraiser helps raise money and awareness for those currently living with HIV/AIDS. It was quite an adventure trying to get to registration and opening ceremonies this morning. Not only did we have to leave early but it was also daylight saving. This significantly cut into my beauty sleep! On top of being forced from my vacant slumber, Cody and I also got lost on our way downtown (BTW Mayor Annise, I think we should make all the streets two-way to cut down confusion). Finally, we find a parking garage and our group, the Gay Straight Alliance of San Jacinto Central, and head toward the festivities. All these problems seemed to slip quietly into memory when we arrive to a huge park with hundreds of people there showing their support for our brother and sisters. There was a live band, the gay men's chorus, booths with free products, snacks, gorgeous drag queens, glamorous twinks, handsome dykes and our stunning new Mayor, Ms Annise Parker (one of my idols!). After making our rounds, scoping the guys and registering ourselves, we begin the three mile trek that felt more like ten. It was wonderful to have the corporate sponsors set up booths on the side of the track with bottles of water, clapper balloons and moral support! We finally made it through and I felt like I had made a personal journey. I was reminded of how long this past year and a half of my life has been. The struggles I've overcome and the one's I've yet to face. For our loved ones who are currently living with HIV/AIDS I hope you know that we were out there walking for you. Just you. We love you, we pray for you, we'll carry you through until the finish line. We are your family even if not by blood, creed, race or religion. We are bonded by our common fabric of love and hope. We will not stop until there is a cure. Conventions like the one we had today are the reason that HIV is no longer a death sentence in the United States. Positive people live happy, fulfilling, loving, long lives thanks to their families, friends and supporters. Thank you to all those who were able to walk or donated. We can change this!

Ok, now survey question of the day: Would you (if you are negative) date someone who is positive? Really, I want people to either comment on here or shoot me an email. I'm curious as to see how the stigma has changed in recent years. I love you all and as I always have left you, here is a quote: "No matter how far in or out of the closet you are, you still have a next step"- Anonymous